Friday, July 23, 2010

Expand your acoustic sensibilities with the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society

I had to share this with you all ... if you ever needed a reason to go to an electroacoustic music show, this is it!  I dare you to read on ...

Electroacoustic six-pack invades Wunder Bar

The Saturday, Aug. 7 lineup is as follows:
Philip Dickau: One of the local electroacoustic music scene's most energetic movers and shakers presents a live work called Digital Spasm, in which three interconnected pulse waves create an effect similar to a computer choking on pieces of glass while having an epileptic seizure.
agaperaygunexperiment: Renowned for its in-your-face approach, this unit led by Philip Jagger will debut telephonexx, which uses a backtrack made of dial tone noises and music played through a cell phone, and allowing for participants to use their cell phones as musical devices.
Condoleezza Rice Paddies: Disbanded in 2008, this collective will reunite the original lineup which first performed at The Works Art & Design Festival at the Citadel Theatre's Heritage Amphitheatre in 2004. Returning will be guitarist Bill Damur, keyboardist Gene Kosowan and effects specialist Will Truchon.

The Sunday, Aug. 8 lineup is as follows:
Shawn Pinchbeck: This practitioner, renowned as a true vanguard of the local electroacoustic movement—and whose works have been recognized across Canada and Europe—makes a rare appearance in his home town, performing a live laptop composition entitled Tuurv.
The Hobophobes: This Calgary-based experimental noise outfit, consisting of Ben Charlton, Jessical McCarrel and Sarah-Lynn Wilson, make their Edmonton debut with their brand of provocative cacophony inspired by grade-B horror movies and medical surgical videos.
flEm: One of Edmonton's most reviled acts, after stints in Ukrainian For Butterfly and Du Plafond, returns as a solo performer.

Doors open at 8 p.m., which shows starting at 9 p.m. each evening. Tickets are $7 (BEAMS members $5) and available at the door. For more information, log onto or email

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