Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Make your vote count for the arts in Alberta!

Alberta's ruling conservative party will elect a new leader on Friday September 17 - make your voice heard and have a say in our next premier. 

Click here for more information on how to vote - you can vote if you are 16 years of age and up and have a membership which you can buy online.

In a leaders debate on CBC last week, most candidates stated their support for arts funding in order to give our communities a quality of life edge in competing for the best and brightest minds from all over the world to come and stay in Alberta.  Alison Redford put a focus on arts education in schools and Ted Morton said that he would not fund arts projects that were politically motivated, such as documentaries that show Alberta's tar sands in a bad light.

Watch the leader's debate at CBC Centre Stage in Edmonton last week

Make your own decision and VOTE!!

Check out all the candidates here with links to their web sites

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