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Tonus Vivus Festival of New Music December 2 and 3, 2011

Exposing Diversity: New Music Festival Celebrates Edmonton’s Prolific and Imaginative Artists

Reaching out of the concert hall and into the community, the Tonus Vivus Festival of New Music celebrates Edmonton’s diverse sonic arts scene in a two-day exploration of musical expression.

More than just a series of concerts, The Tonus Vivus Festival of New Music embraces composers, dancers, electronic sound artists and improvisers ranging from the traditional to the unexpected.

The Tonus Vivus Festival of New Music December 2 and 3, 2011

Alberta College, Muttart Hall 10050 MacDonald Drive

General: $20 per night
Students: $10 per night

General: $30 Festival Pass
Students: $20 Festival Pass

Featuring performances by: Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble: Allison Balcetis, saxophone
Daniel Gervais, violin
Bill Damur, flute
Moni Mathew, viola
Don Ross, music director & clarinet
Janet Smith, soprano
Andriy Talpash, conductor
Scott Smallwood, sound artist
Wijit, DJ
Reinhard von Berg, electronic artist
MUGBAIT, electronic artists
Thom Golub, bass
Kathleen de Caen, cello
Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, piano
Phil Jagger, sound and visual artist
Jacques Arseneau, tenor

The Tonus Vivus New Music Festival aims to bring attention to some hitherto “unfestivaled” practices while challenging and expanding the notion of what a music festival is by celebrating Edmonton’s astoundingly prolific and imaginative artists.


Friday Dec. 2 at 7:00pm – Muttart Hall, Alberta College

Monica Clorey Pearce: “Imaginary Moments” Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble
Scott Smallwood: “Rites and Dust” laptop performance
Michael Horwood: “Microduet #6” for Tenor Saxophone and Ladder Ratchet
Jacek Sobieraj: “Autumn synthscapes” electronics and video
Kristin Flores: “Emily Dickinson” for cello and voice
Dave Wall: “Broken Lines” for piano
Raimundo Gonzalez: “Arthemis” for alto saxophone
Jeremy Doody: “Monism Explained” voice, clarinet, cello, sop sax, and conductor
Dan Brophy: “Exhumed” pre-recorded tape

Friday Night 9:00pm – Alberta College Lobby

Thom Golub: “Arid” (performed by Don Ross and Thom Golub)
Phil Jagger: “Microcity” (performed by Don Ross, Reinhard, Thom Golub
MUGBAIT and Widjit (performed by them)
Reinhard von Berg: “Extended Piano and Poetry” (performed by Reinhard)
Helve Sastok: “Sailing the High ‘C’”

Saturday Dec. 3 Electronic Tent “The Sounding Room” (running continuously in Alberta College)

Michael Matthews: “On the Outer Edge”
Rolf Boon: “Waves”
Reinhard von Berg: “Cult Figure”
Aris Carastathis: “Full of Stars”
Don Ross: “My Dad’s Story”
Ian Crutchley: “Arco/Lyrically”
Helve Sastok: “Sailing the High ‘C’”
Michael Horwood: “Monday Afternoon”
Robert Morin: “Blue Evening”
Dan Brophy “Exhumed”

Saturday Sound Walk with Scott Smallwood 3:00pm, leaves from Alberta College

Saturday Panel 4:30pm – Alberta College

Michael MacDonald (chair), Gerry Morita, Charles Stolte, Allison Balcetis and George Andrix

Saturday, Dec 3 at 7:00pm

Alissa Cheung: “Close Cover Before Striking” for flute, clarinet, violin, piano and conductor
Elisha Denburg: “Idee Fixe” for piano
Michael Matthews: “Night Music” for violin and piano
William Pura: “Four Songs after Albert Pinkham Ryder”
Ron Hannah: “Trio # 1”, 1st and 3rd mvts for Piano trio
Erin Rogers: “Quartet” for Bb clarinet, violin, violincello and piano
Robert Rosen: “Meditation No. 5 “Mosaic” 1981 for Flute and Piano
Jordan Nobles: “Similacrum” Saint Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble

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