Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arts Forum - 2012 Alberta Election - Friday April 20, 2012

Have a heart-to-heart chat with Alberta election candidates about their parties’ visions for arts, culture and heritage in our province.

The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton is organizing an Arts Forum for this Friday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m. in the Jefferson Room at the Prince of Wales Armouries, 10440 – 108 Avenue.

Bring your arts, culture and heritage questions with notebooks and pencils to the Prince of Wales Armouries this Friday. Tell all your professional artist and arts supporters friends to come, too. Let’s impress upon all these candidates how important arts, culture and heritage is to all Albertans.

Party representatives confirmed so far:

•Alberta Liberals – Laurie Blakeman
•Alberta NDP – Nadine Bailey
•Alberta Party – John Hudson
•PC Alberta – Heather Klimchuk
•Wildrose Party – TBA

Here are the details on our upcoming Edmonton ARTS FORUM:
Want to know where the different parties stand on arts and culture issues in the province of Alberta? PACE recently sent the following information and questions to the leaders of every party running candidates in the current election.
PACE is starting to receive responses to the “ask” it sent to all political leaders running in the 2012 Alberta provincial election. We have heard back from the Alberta NDP and the PC Alberta leaders so far. Click here to see the answers they gave to the questions we asked on behalf of Alberta’s arts and culture sector.
In the meantime, we encourage members of the arts community and all their supporters to pose these same questions to candidates at forums and on the doorstep. We need to impress upon them that the Alberta arts sector is vital to our province and we are taking an active role in the outcome of this election.
What you need to know about arts and culture in Alberta before you answer our questions:
  • 91% of Albertans feel art activities are important in contributing to the overall quality of life in their community. Source: Annual Survey of Albertans, Resinnova Research & Consulting Inc. 2010
  • Albertans receive a 12:1 return on every dollar spent on the arts. Source: Summary of the Economic Impact of the Arts in Alberta,Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 2005.
  • 88% of Albertans feel it is important that the Government of Alberta continues to fund and support the arts. Source: Culture and Community Services Annual Survey of Albertans on Culture, Leger Marketing, 2011
  • All three levels of government receive tax revenue through the arts sector. A total of 67.9 million in taxes is collected (in Alberta) through taxation systems each year. Source Culture and Community Spirit Department Fact and Figures 2010
Please give PACE your position on the following:

1. Do you support a restoration of the 2010 16 per cent cut to the AFA?
2. If elected to serve the people of Alberta in the next Legislature, will you work towards immediately increasing lottery money investment to arts, culture and heritage by 25%?

Here are the arts and culture platforms put out so far. We will post more as they become available. Check out what these parties have to say on our future:

•Alberta Liberal Party: http://www.albertaliberal.com/files/Yes%20-%202012%20Election%20Platform.pdf (p.22 – includes sports)
•Alberta New Democratic Party: http://albertandp.ca/wherewestand/details/supporting_the_arts
•Alberta Party: http://www.albertaparty.ca/creative_industries
•PC Alberta Party: http://www.votepc.ca/public/data/documents/AlbertaByDesign-DraftV5-04-12-12.pdf (p. 31)
•Wildrose Party: http://www.wildrose.ca/media/2012/04/Pledge.pdf (p. 19)

Also, check out the great campaign ArtsVote Calgary has been doing! Click here to view coverage on the arts forum they hosted in Calgary.

General provincial advocacy information is available at the Public Interest Alberta website.

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