Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pro Coro Canada Announces New Members for 2012-2013

Pro Coro Canada announces core membership for the 2012–2013 season

After several days of auditions with 50 singers participating, Pro Coro is happy to announce the voices that will make up Pro Coro Canada in 2012–2013.

The individual and ensemble auditions with new Artistic Director Michael Zaugg proved to be a great starting point for the creation of an outstanding and virtuoso ensemble.

Thank you all the choristers who invested their time and effort in preparing for the audition process.

The 2012–2013 core roster of Pro Coro Canada (alphabetical order):


Gillian Brinston-Kurschat, Jolaine Kerley, Catherine Kubash, Carole Kube, Annette Martens, Sonia Oppenheim, Sarah Schaub


Sable Chan, Wendy Grønnestad-Damur, Mireille Rijavec, Adrienne Sitko, vacant, vacant


Brett Ludwig, John Brough, Casey Edmunds, Caleb Nelson, vacant, vacant


Rob Curtis, Michael Kurschat, Peter Malcolm, Alex McCune, Simon Noster, Gordon Ritchie, Jordan Van Biert

Additional singers will be engaged from among the following to augment the Pro Coro core voices (alphabetical order):

Jane Berry, Raimundo Gonzalez, Catherine Lippitt, Kirstin Piehl, Nola Shantz, Janet Smith, Justin Strand, Russ Wilkinson, and Anthony Wynne.

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