Friday, December 31, 2010

BEAMS Music: Ningali & flEm -Travails of Two Cities

Because I can't resist reposting the eclectic messages from our friends at the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society ...

Celine Dion is sucked into a discordant wind tunnel. The pathology of the HAL 9000 computer is further tested in a Japanese video game scenario. And the partisan platitudes of Fox News pundits are skewered in a polyrhythmic environment. 

These suspensions of disbelief comprise part of a set list devised by experimental duo Ningali & flEm. The event also marks the first time the duo has played together since backing up Toronto-based poet Stephen Humphrey in his outfit The Pillaging Mouth more than 15 years ago. 

Hailing from Spruce Grove, AB, Ningali (aka Tricia Boer) left Edmonton in the mid-‘90s for the west coast to pursue a career in music and film. Currently based in Vancouver, she’s played bass with a number of metal and pop acts including Shrines, Tractor and Val Killmore, while her occupation as a sound technician has resulted in several TV and movie stints, working alongside the likes of Ben Affleck, Wesley Snipes, Peter O’Toole, Joshua Jackson, Leonard Nimoy, Cybil Sheppard and a myriad of Playboy starlets. 

Meanwhile, Edmonton native flEm (aka Gene Kosowan) has performed original electroacoustic compositions solo, usually as part of events curated by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society, and in such experimental acts as Du Plafond, Ukrainian For Butterfly, and Condoleezza Rice Paddies, whose track “Modulate This” emerged in 2008 onto the BEAMS CD Unsound Vol. 2. 

Our esteemed prez and licorice stick dynamo Don Ross plans to have Benny Goodman turn over in his grave when the Rossmeister blends his clarinet disciplines with his electroacoustic wizardry in the opening slot for Ningali & flEm to show us how it's really done. 

Ningali & flEm 
with Don Ross
9pm - ish
Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus
8120 101 St 
Monday January 3, 2011
Price: a measley $5

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