Sunday, February 13, 2011

PACE Valentine's Day Flash Mob Update

From Michael Clark, conductor -

Hello choristers for the PACE Valentine's Day Love the Arts flash mob on Monday (tomorrow!):

The event will now be held outside, in Churchill Square, so it may be also that we do the Hallelujah Chorus a cappella!

This, I think, will be OK, as long as you can hear each other and see me!

I'll be wearing a long brown coat now, waving my arm, from the south end of Churchill Square, and keeping a beat.

Here is how we will proceed:
As originally described, one single chorister will begin, and - so that you can hear the tonality and beat progression (!), I would kike you to come in on m. 8 (leaving a soloist and small group to do the first 4 measures).

We will sing until I cut you off at m. 85 (beat 1) - you'll see a BIG cut-off from me. And then I'll keep conducting the measures until the end (this is the 'proving the point' part!), and you will remain standing totally still - again, just to prove the point - until I'm done conducting, and, then, until the end of the piece!

So, you'll need the following:
- come to Churchill Square by 12 noon at the latest
- outside clothes!
- your score of Hallelujah Chorus - if you need it
Michael sent you a link (although I will have a box of extras with me)

- be ready to turn pages (either gloves that can turn pages, or no gloves for that moment of the event)
- good ears (and maybe try finding your way towards other singers as you hear them, so that the whole thing sticks together!)

I believe there will also be other 'players' in the event (dancers, people to hand out postcards, etc.! I'm not sure what all PACE has figured out!), so enjoy!

Thanks so much for being part of this ever-evolving event. It is good to get together as an arts community!

This link will take you to a site where you can listen to the individual voice parts, so you can hear your line, if you need to:

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