Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vision of Arts of Edmonton - What do you think?

The Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) is providing an opportunity for all EAC members and other interested public to respond to questions currently being addressed by the Mayor’s Task Force on the Arts. In our efforts to facilitate community input, the EAC will collect replies and provide the Mayor’s Committee with responses gathered.

The Mayor’s Committee is working toward a report on the long-term future of the arts in Edmonton, and we are in turn opening up these questions to you and invite your responses to the following:

1. In your opinion what are the biggest gaps in the arts in Edmonton right now? Please define what (things or activities) you feel is missing. Do you think that it is possible to develop those missing parts in the next 25 years? How?

2. What is your vision, and what are your most ambitious dreams as an artist or arts organization over the next 25 years? Can you do it alone, or do you need partners? What specifically do you need from your partners or supporters?

3. What would you see happening in the following places if they, or part of them, were dedicated to artists and arts activities?

• MacEwan Centre for the Arts and Communications
• Rossdale Power Plant Buildings
• Quarters Area
• Downtown Arena
• Airport Lands
• Other parts of Downtown [be specific]
• Other parts of the city [be specific]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please send your written replies to:


John Mahon, Executive Director
Edmonton Arts Council
10440 – 108 Avenue, Edmonton AB, T5H 3Z9

Please submit by: August 8th

We will maintain your privacy and relay your comments only for the purposes described.

>> Download and print the questions here

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